What is a coopertive?

A cooperative is an autonomous association of persons united volutarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned enterprise.

Primary Co-operative

A primary cooperative is defined as a cooperetive whose objective is to provide employment or services to its members and to facilitate community

Secondary Co-operative

A secondary cooperative is defined as a cooperative formed by two or more primary cooperatives to provide sectoral services to its members and may include juristic persons.

Tertiary Co-opertive

A tertiary cooperative is defined as a sectoral or multi sectoral cooperative whose members are secondary cooperatives and whose objectives are to advocate and engage organs of state, private sector and stakeholders of behalf of its members in line with its sectoral or geographical mandate.

Family Cooperatives
Mission Statement

Our mission is to basically develop our economy as well as giving people opportunities to grow their financial and knowledge states.

Economic Sectors

We aim to create a thousand of jobs and develop countless numbers of entreprenuers through the establishment of cooperatives in all sectors of the economy such as mining, agriculture, mining, tourism and others.

Company Registrations

This program aims to formalise the informal businesses by getting the registered with proper documentations and compliance. To also encourage people to register their own Companies PTY (LTD)

National Bank

We strive towards building a national bank largely owned by Black people. A bank whose primary focus is to avail business loans and fundings.

Cooperatives Family

Become a member of EDS Cooperatives Family and be a shoreholder..


A family cooperative allow you to become a member of a National Primary Cooperative, This cooperative brings together members from all 9 provinces together sharing business ideas and investing as a collective. As a shareholder of this cooperative you can be elected to serve in the board, employed to work and even do business with cooperative.


Become a member of a primary cooperative with 05 to 10 members of your choice or those within our cooperatives family, As a shareholder of this cooperative you can be elected to serve in the board, employed to work and even do business with the cooperative.
The cooperative may own shares in Yarena Bank increasing profit margins for its shareholders.


These are cooperatives within the communities these cooperative is not owned by the individuals but by the community within the ward. This cooperative functions to grow the ward as a community members, ward councelors and community leaders.

We can assist you to establish your own cooperative with minimu 5 members of your choice and minimum 3 board of directors of your choice. This Full control cooperaive will be lead by you the chair person and also the CEO owning 51% of the shares.

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